End of program evaluation of the BESEESA (Building an Ecosystem for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in South Africa) Program.

The final assessment of the BESEESA program, implemented by SEED and funded by the Flemish Government comprised

  • Analysis of available documentation
  • Additional data collection through an online survey, stakeholder interviews (face to face and telephonic), focus group discussions, site visits, etc.
  • A draft and a final evaluation report with findings and recommendations.
NGOs & Not for Profit organisations
  • Community Development
  • Education

  • Evaluation and audit
  • Research and studies

  • 10. Surveys and scientific research
  • 14. Integrated development, social economy, inclusive entrepreneurship, social corporate responsibility and impact funding

10.a. Qualitative and quantitative surveys
10.e. Assessment, development and/or improvement of statistical systems
  • Patrick Stoop
  • Reinoud Willemsen

South Africa