Training and coaching with respect to result oriented policy and programme cycles

Provide training and mentoring to staff of the Brussel’s Regional Public Service with respect to:

  • result oriented policy and budget cycles and programme cycles;

  • theories of change;

  • integrated strategic (and operational) planning, monitoring, steering / controlling and evaluation and effective use of indicators;

  • performance and results measurement and management of outcomes and impacts;

  • funding based on result, outcomes and/or impacts;

  • application of the above in mentoring a joint assessment and optimisation of the mechanisms used for calls for proposals by the Brussels Capital Region.

Regional and local governments
Government of the Brussels Capital Region (Belgium)
Civil Service & State Administration
Advice, technical support and counselling
03. Integrated policy, planning, budgeting and control cycle
03.a. Policy setting, strategic planning, multiannual planning
Patrick Stoop