Final Review of the Health Systems Strengthening Support Project (PARSS - Projet d’Appui au Renforcement du Système de Santé) in Niger

Final evaluation of the PARSS, a 12,7 million euro programme focussing on construction / rehabilitation of 4 district hospitals and integrated health centres, maintenance of medical equipment, mother and child health improvement, etc.

  • Design of the evaluation methodology

  • Analysis of available documentation

  • Additional data collection through stakeholder interviews (face to face and telephonic), focus group discussions, site visits, etc.

  • Producing a draft and a final evaluation report with findings and conclusions for all DAC evaluation criteria and recommendations and lessons learned for similar programmes.

Bilateral Development Cooperations
Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (ex BTC)
Evaluation and audit
09. Audit and evaluation
09.h. Mid-term reviews and final evaluations of projects and programmes of international development cooperation (Including theory-based evaluation)
Patrick Stoop