Feasibility study and project document for the PAJMA project in support of the justice sector in Madagascar

Conduct a feasibility study and develop a project document (with initial programming/budgeting) for the PAJMA project in support of the justice sector in Madagascar.

The program provides support to the modernisation of the justice sector; it comprises 3 main components:

  1. Access to a more performant and effective judiciary system.
  2. Strengthening of the penal correction system along its main roles of security, humanised detention and social reintegration.
  3. Steering of sectoral policy – (a) capacity strengthening of strategic planning, monitoring, steering, evaluation and communication roles for the justice sector; (b) institutional and organisational capacity enhancement and strengthening resources management and information systems of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Bilateral Development Cooperations
  • Central-level government

Ministry of Justice of Madagascar
Advice, technical support and counselling
  • 01. Good Governance
  • 05. Human Resources (HRM - HRD) & Leadership
  • 02. Organisational and institutional development & change processes
  • 07. Projects and programmes of international development cooperation
  • 11. Reform of public administrations / government institutions
  • 12. Rule of law, justice sector, human rights, democratic governance and peace consolidation

01.a. Administrative organisation and internal control systems
01.c. Combating corruption (anti-corruption policies and measures, vulnerability to corruption, codes of conduct, value-driven organisational culture, …)
02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
02.g. Facilitation of change processes and/or of organisational / institutional improvement
05.a. HR policies and HR development strategies
05.e. Competence management
05.f. Professional sills development – Training – Pathways of professional development
05.h. Leadership & Management development
07.a. Design / formulation of projects / programs (including intervention strategies, theories of change, outcome mapping, technical / financial program documents, etc.)
11.a. Public Administration Reform – Public-sector reform strategies
11.e. Delegation of responsibilities, empowerment of public-sector organisations, management contracts, performance contracts, ...
12.a. Fostering rule of law - Reforms and development initiatives in the justice sector
12.b. Fighting impunity of serious crimes / human rights violations
12.h. Fostering political governance and public transparency
12.i. Reuniting conditions of success, risk management and monitoring with respect to: human rights, peace and social cohesion – Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD)
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