Formulation of the “Facility for Capacity Building” – FCB in Vietnam.

Formulation of the “Facility for Capacity Building” – FCB in Vietnam.

Team leader (international expert) for the design and formulation of a cross-sector capacity building support and scholarship programme in Vietnam.

Drafting the programme document (technical and financial file).

Bilateral Development Cooperations
Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (ex BTC)
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Service & State Administration
  • Economy, Employment & TVET
  • Energy, Water & Sanitation

  • Advice, technical support and counselling
  • Training, learning and/or coaching

  • 08. Gender issues
  • 01. Good Governance
  • 05. Human Resources (HRM - HRD) & Leadership

01.a. Administrative organisation and internal control systems
05.a. HR policies and HR development strategies
05.e. Competence management
05.f. Professional sills development – Training – Pathways of professional development
05.h. Leadership & Management development
08.b. Fostering gender equality – gender equality assessments
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