Formulation of a “Support to Good Governance and Anti-Corruption” project in Burundi.

Formulation of a “Support to Good Governance and Anti-Corruption” project in Burundi.

Design of a new BTC (now Enabel) intervention on Support to Good Governance and Anti-Corruption (“Appui à la Bonne Gouvernance et la Lutte contre la Corruption – ABGLC”) in Burundi.

This project comprises:

  • a component in support of monitoring and evaluation of the National Policy on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption;
  • a component in support of capacity building of the State Inspectorate General (“Inspection Générale de l’Etat – IGE”) and of developing the internal audit function within the IGE and at sector level (for the priority sectors of the Belgian cooperation in Burundi).
  • Bilateral Development Cooperations
  • Central-level government

Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (ex BTC)
State Inspectorate General - Burundi
Civil Service & State Administration
Advice, technical support and counselling
  • 01. Good Governance
  • 02. Organisational and institutional development & change processes
  • 07. Projects and programmes of international development cooperation
  • 11. Reform of public administrations / government institutions

01.a. Administrative organisation and internal control systems
01.b. Risk management
01.c. Combating corruption (anti-corruption policies and measures, vulnerability to corruption, codes of conduct, value-driven organisational culture, …)
01.d. Analysis of the ‘governance’-system at organisation and/or sector level
02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
02.g. Facilitation of change processes and/or of organisational / institutional improvement
07.a. Design / formulation of projects / programs (including intervention strategies, theories of change, outcome mapping, technical / financial program documents, etc.)
Stoop Consulting - founding partner of
  • Joseph Sinabwiteye
  • Patrick Stoop