Audit of B-FAST, the ‘Belgian First Aid and Support Team’

Audit of B-FAST, the ‘Belgian First Aid and Support Team’.

The assignment comprised a strategic and operational audit of B-FAST, the inter-departmental collaboration within the Belgian Federal Government for delivering emergency relief in case of disasters and calamities abroad.

The findings and conclusions of the audit were complemented by recommendations for operational optimisation as well and by several strategic proposals and perspectives for the future development of B-FAST.

Central-level government
Belgian Federal Government Agency for Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development Cooperation
  • Community Development
  • Health

Evaluation and audit
  • 09. Audit and evaluation
  • 16. Community development – Special interest groups
  • 02. Organisational and institutional development & change processes
  • 12. Rule of law, justice sector, human rights, democratic governance and peace consolidation

02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
02.e. Integrated performance enhancement (efficiency, quality, client- and result-focus, effectiveness, ICT-based and other technology-based innovation)
09.b. Operational audit (General organisational audits and focused assessment of specific organisational shortcomings and problems)
09.h. Mid-term reviews and final evaluations of projects and programmes of international development cooperation (Including theory-based evaluation)
12.d. Fostering and protecting human rights
12.k. Emergency relief & Humanitarian Assistance
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