Evaluation of a social reintegration of detainees project in Algeria (UNDP)

Evaluation of a social reintegration of detainees project in Algeria (UNDP)

Mid term external evaluation of a partnership program between the Ministry of Justice of Algeria and UNDP. The project has the following objectives :

  • Design of individual and collective reintegration programs for different categories of detainees (woman, children, drug addicts, recidivism).
  • Capacity building of prison administration psychologists and other professionals.
  • Collaboration and capacity building of civil society organisations.
  • International and regional cooperation in the field of detainees’ reintegration


International Institutions / Multilateral Development Cooperations
UNDP - United Nations Development Program
Advice, technical support and counselling
  • 12. Rule of law, justice sector, human rights, democratic governance and peace consolidation
  • 03. Integrated policy, planning, budgeting and control cycle
  • 02. Organisational and institutional development & change processes
  • 09. Audit and evaluation
  • 11. Reform of public administrations / government institutions

02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
03.f. Results based management and Monitoring & Evaluation (Including: client/stakeholder focus, defining / using quality standards and performance indicators, management dashboards, balanced scorecard, …)
09.h. Mid-term reviews and final evaluations of projects and programmes of international development cooperation (Including theory-based evaluation)
11.a. Public Administration Reform – Public-sector reform strategies
12.a. Fostering rule of law - Reforms and development initiatives in the justice sector
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