Design of the Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation (AME) Framework for the Beyond Chocolate Partnership and support to its implementation

Beyond Chocolate (BC) is the Partnership for a sustainable Belgian chocolate industry. Partners in the initiative are working to provide a living income for cocoa growers, end deforestation, foster decent work and stimulate education for future generations. was commissioned by IDH, the Secretariat for Beyond Chocolate, to:

  • Conceive a first draft of the AME framework
  • Consult with (BC) signatories and work with BC working groups, in several rounds and versions, to finetune the AME framework (comprising outcome and impact indicators as well as data components to monitor efforts and performance).
  • Draft guidance for annual reporting, develop an initial basic (Excel) tool for data collection (first annual reporting), assist in validating and analysing reporting data received and in drafting the first BC Annual Report (for 2019)
  • Support BC for selection criteria of co-funded projects and for conceiving / improving their monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Support further improvement of the AME framework and the reporting for 2020.
  • NGOs & Not for Profit organisations
  • Private Sector organisations - Corporate sector
  • Public sector - general

IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative
  • Advice, technical support and counselling
  • Process facilitation – Mediation

  • 04. Partners, stakeholders and social responsibility
  • 18. Agricultural development and food security

04.g. Social responsibility of organisations
04.h. Accountability vis-à-vis partners and/or stakeholders
18.c. Agricultural value chains
  • Hilde Geens
  • Namratha Ramanan
  • Patrick Stoop
  • Paul Lambers