Institutional and Organisational assessment of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)

Design of a conceptual framework for Enhancing Governance and Curbing Corruption, as a component of a new EU funded programme in collaboration with PSFU

  • The Institutional and Organisational assessment of PSFU focussed on the institutional context, financial management, procurement, overall governance systems and PSFU’s capacity for fund and project management in relation to enhancing private sector employment opportunities for young graduates.
  • The assignment also included the design of a conceptual framework, including contextual and systemic analysis, theory of change en logical framework for the Enhancing Governance and Curbing Corruption component of a new EU funded programme to be implemented in Uganda by Enabel, in collaboration with PSFU.
Bilateral Development Cooperations
Enabel - Belgian Development Agency (ex BTC)
Economy, Employment & TVET
Advice, technical support and counselling
  • 02. Organisational and institutional development & change processes
  • 07. Projects and programmes of international development cooperation
  • 14. Integrated development, social economy, inclusive entrepreneurship, social corporate responsibility and impact funding

02.a. Holistic and system-based institutional, organisational and operational assessments
02.g. Facilitation of change processes and/or of organisational / institutional improvement
07.a. Design / formulation of projects / programs (including intervention strategies, theories of change, outcome mapping, technical / financial program documents, etc.)
07.c. Organisational evaluation and capacity analysis of partner organisations identified for / entrusted with responsibilities for (national) project implementation / execution
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Patrick Stoop