2018 … starting the 2nd year for C-lever.org

Yes, we can! A little more than a year ago, the founding partners of C-lever.org were getting ready to launch C-lever.org. It took us some more time to get all the paper work done, but by end February 2017 we were fully established.

Being a value driven social enterprise, we want to be an intelligent actor in transforming the consulting and other areas of business we operate in. We want to provide a platform and empower competent professionals who share our values. We want to leverage many energies and capacities in fostering our shared vision.

Getting up and running requires a lot of energy. Our first 10 months brought their share of disappointments, as we did not manage to win a few interesting assignments and other ambitions required additional time to materialise. But we are proud to conclude that we did well. In our first 10 months, we manged to win contracts and assignments worth 500.000 euro, our effective turnover for 2017 was already 350.000 euro, we are closing the year with some profit and we are working on interesting opportunities for the coming years. Not bad for being just launched.

We are convinced that 2018 will be the year of our breakthrough. Our good intentions of 2018: to provide the best value for money for our clients and their stakeholders; while also enhancing, maturing and leveraging our own capacities as a social enterprise.