Karl Vanderplaetse



Frans Musinstraat, 20, 8400, Oostende


Manager of Adya Bio bvba

Professional affiliated to

I hold a master's degree in law and worked for many years in advisory, consulting, management and lobying roles in the area of local government in Belgium, mainly working for associations of local government stakeholders.
Out of love for organic food, travelling in Asia and diversity of people around the world, I started my own company in 2017 (project started mid 2015).
Importing pure dry or dried food from groups of farmers (India, Vietnam, South-Africa, Chile). Key focus is the promotion of (the importance of) local biodiversity, our support for a clear local social impact and in introducing healthy food items for retail, horeca and catering (ref. At the moment we import organic freeze-dried fruits, spices, salt and tea.
We share with our buyers on the origin & background of our products. We often discuss with governmental organizations on products and evolutions.
Adya's experience is in that way on the crossroad of international collaboration and organic food import.
I enjoy sharing my experiences and providing advise or feedback to challenging initiatives in my areas of interest.


  • Vietnam
  • Belgium

  • Agriculture
  • Civil Service & State Administration
  • Community Development
  • Economy, Employment & TVET

  • 14.g. Social and ethical labels – Organic and bio-diversity certification – Ethical trade
  • 04.g. Social responsibility of organisations
  • 14.c. Development of the social economy and facilitation of inclusive entrepreneurship: conducive environment, inclusive and sustainable business models, funding mechanisms, stakeholder transparency, management coaching, …
  • 07.e. Mid-term and final evaluations of projects and programmes
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