Zakayo Wandoloh



Kasteelstraat 71



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Zakayo Wandoloh is a Belgian based Diversity & Inclusion consultant. Consulting private corporations and companies on implementing strategies that leverage the potential of a diverse workforce. These include HR & recruitment processes, inclusion strategies, ... He is also a founder of two social organisations, in Belgium and Kenya, that utilise sports as a tool for the empowerment of at-risk target groups.

His educational background is in Social Re-adaptation Sciences (Bachelor) and International Sports Management (MBA).

He has 10 years of hands-on experience in youth policies & ethnic minority inclusion policies having worked for Formaat, one of the 3 largest youth federations in Belgium. Among others, he consulted local governments on the implementation of effective youth and integration of ethnic minority policies. Further, he coordinated or has been involved in several EU projects.

In all, co-creation (mapping of and involving all/key stakeholders) is the thread throughout his handlings.


  • Belgium
  • Kenya

  • Civil Service & State Administration
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health

  • 01.d. Analysis of the ‘governance’-system at organisation and/or sector level
  • 02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
  • 02.g. Facilitation of change processes and/or of organisational / institutional improvement
  • 03.a. Policy setting, strategic planning, multiannual planning
  • 03.h. Policy evaluations
  • 04.g. Social responsibility of organisations
  • 05.a. HR policies and HR development strategies
  • 05.b. Personnel administration
  • 07.c. Organisational evaluation and capacity analysis of partner organisations identified for / entrusted with responsibilities for (national) project implementation / execution
  • 08.b. Fostering gender equality – gender equality assessments
  • 10.a. Qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • 16.a. Fostering social cohesion
  • 16.b. Strengthening civil society
  • 16.c. Fostering equal opportunities for and empowerment of minorities, underprivileged interest groups
  • 16.d. Neighbourhood development
  • 16.e. Youth policy