Wendy Braeken



Barthélémylaan 9 bus 9, 1000 Brussel


Expert education, policy and (social) impact

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Wendy Braeken studied pedagogical sciences and has many years of experience in poverty reduction and development cooperation. She was active as a projectdesigner, program- and project manager, as a technical advisor and she set up several monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects and programs.

Till so far she was active in Belgium, RDC Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Palestine and El Salvador, with longer stays in RDC, Ecuador and El Salvador.

The last 13 years she mainly worked in the education sector where she formulated and/or supervised projects in the field of sectoral budget support, the subsectors TVET, teacher training of primary and secondary education and scholarship projects. At the moment she is working on a monitoring and evaluation policy and the necessary instruments and tools for the education provider of the Flemish government GO!.

In the various positions she held, she managed project teams and she acted as an advisor to senior executives and management on a regular basis. She has a coaching attitude and wherever possible, she looks actively for collaborations and partnerships.



  • Belgium
  • Burundi
  • Congo The Democratic Republic Of The
  • El Salvador
  • Palestinian Territory Occupied
  • Uganda

  • Community Development
  • Education

  • 01.d. Analysis of the ‘governance’-system at organisation and/or sector level
  • 02.a. Holistic and system-based institutional, organisational and operational assessments
  • 02.d. Integrated capacity building at individual, organisational and institutional levels
  • 02.e. Integrated performance enhancement (efficiency, quality, client- and result-focus, effectiveness, ICT-based and other technology-based innovation)
  • 02.g. Facilitation of change processes and/or of organisational / institutional improvement
  • 03.b. Sector policies and strategies (Including strategic-level theories / pathways of change, policy implementation strategies and their impact for operational planning and budgeting)
  • 03.f. Results based management and Monitoring & Evaluation (Including: client/stakeholder focus, defining / using quality standards and performance indicators, management dashboards, balanced scorecard, …)
  • 07.a. Design / formulation of projects / programs (including intervention strategies, theories of change, outcome mapping, technical / financial program documents, etc.)
  • 09.h. Mid-term reviews and final evaluations of projects and programmes of international development cooperation (Including theory-based evaluation)
  • 16.d. Neighbourhood development
  • 16.h. Development education & Global citizenship education