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Nik is a development economist based in Belgium. He holds a joint PhD in Economics and in Development Studies from the Universities of Leuven and Antwerp. He is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at the University of Leuven.

Nik's research focuses on the micro-empirical analysis of development issues in Sub Saharan Africa. He studies a broad range of topics, with a particular interest in natural resources, the political economy of conflict, and internal constraints to development. His work is published in several scientific journals, including Economic Development and Cultural Change; Environment and Development Economics; Food Policy; and Resources Policy.

A lot of his research is based on individual- and household-level survey data he collected himself. Over the past eight years, Nik built up substantial field experience, conducting research activities in Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, South-Africa and Tanzania.

As a consultant, Nik has contributed to a range of assignments. His consultancy experience mostly relates to the evaluation of development programs and change management in the public sector.

  • Belgium
  • Benin
  • Congo The Democratic Republic Of The
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania

  • Agriculture
  • Community Development
  • Economy, Employment & TVET
  • Health

  • 09.b. Operational audit (General organisational audits and focused assessment of specific organisational shortcomings and problems)
  • 10.a. Qualitative and quantitative surveys
  • 07.b. System-based context analysis – base line studies
  • 10.d. Training of enumerators / survey teams