Patrick Stoop
Consultant - General managing partner
Partner of
Patrick Stoop studied law and economics. He has been working for more than 35 years on the intersections of: policy, strategy, management, planning & control, governance, quality assurance, change, capacity building, organisational and/or institutional development, human resources management, public finance, budget cycle, financial management, information management, audit and evaluation. His work cuts across most policy areas and governance issues of the public sector. He has also conducted substantial work for NGO’s; while being increasingly involved in private sector and entrepreneurship development with a specific focus on social businesses.
He gained approximately 15 years’ professional experience in Belgium while the other 20 years’ experience was accumulated in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and MENA countries.
Since 1996 he is working through his own consulting firm, ‘Stoop Consulting’. In 2017 he initiated and co-founded

Paul Lambers
Expert Public Finance Management - Financial manager
Partner of
Paul Lambers, a Belgian national, is a trilingual expert (fluent English and French, fair Spanish) with over 15 years of experience in Public Finance Management in developing and Eastern European countries.
Since 2003 until today he worked in Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and Morocco. He advised on formulation of public finance reform programmes and development of financial and institutional support programmes as well as prepared and monitored PEFA evaluations of PFM systems for the EU, the World Bank and the ADB.
From 2001 to 2002 he performed as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management of Vanuatu on public finance management systems and -controls (budget preparation and monitoring, and coordination of external financing) – He also prepared for the IMF missions to Vanuatu.
Between 1989 and 1999 he implemented a large number of short-term assignments in Eastern European countries predominantly within the EU TACIS programme: Russia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and the FYROM.

Wouter Van Bellingen
Managing - Partner
Partner of
Wouter Van Bellingen was 10 years civil servant at the City of Sint-Niklaas where he developed the international cooperation department with the first contacts outside Europe. After that, he was deputy mayor for civil affairs, youth, international cooperation and sustainable development of the city of Sint-Niklaas for 6 years, making him the first black deputy mayor in Flanders. After that, he was director of LEVL, formerly the Minderhedenforum, the participation organisation of people with a migration background, for 3 years, and then of the Integration Pact for 4 years, both based in Brussels and both striving for better inclusive diversity in Brussels and Flanders. He is also active as a board member in several organisations at different levels (local, Flemish, Belgian, European) and heads the Business Units: Inclusive Diversity Business & Transition Management of
Hilde Geens
Associated Partner of
Hilde Geens has a master’s degree in political communication and a master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy. With 6 years’ professional experience, her areas of expertise include monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, outcome mapping, theory of change and M&E systems. Hilde worked as a regional programme officer for the Great Lakes Region and as Quality and methodology policy advisor for a medical NGO. Hilde also contributed to several scientific articles on the subject of development cooperation, the SDG’s, land grabbing and agricultural policies. Since October 2019, Hilde started working as a junior-expert for
Design, Monitoring and Evaluation and Data Management International Consultant
Associated Partner of
Godefroid Bigirimana is an experienced statistician and expert in monitoring and evaluation. He obtained his degree in statistical engineering in 2008 and also holds a Harvard University Certificate in using Python for Research. Godefroid brings strong expertise in social and developmental research and statistical methods, built through ample work experience on formative and evaluative research and analysis. He has been involved in study design, implementation, analysis and reporting for large-scale surveys, covering both baseline studies and impact evaluations. He also worked on the design and implementation of quasi-experimental and mixed methods research on a range of topics; including gender, agriculture, public opinion and financial access.
For many years Godefroid worked full-time with different international organisations, for example: from 2009 to 2010, he worked as project design, monitoring and evaluation coordinator at Search for Common Ground in Burundi (with missions in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo); as a statistician (expert) at the Belgian Development Agency BTC (Actual ENABEL) from 2010 to 2016 and since 2016 to November 2019, as an international expert in charge of Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Data Management at UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in Brussels. He is well versed in setting up Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) using Survey-CTO, KoBoToolbox, ODK-X and other Survey Solutions. For data analysis, he is well versed in SPSS, Stata and Pyhton. In data visualisation, he frequently uses Python Libraries ( Matplotlib, Seaborn, ggplot, …) and Power BI.
Godefroid is specialised in development of Remote Data Collection and Analysis using Mobile phones/Computers/tablets and Service-Oriented Architectures Systems for organisations, projects and programmes with teams disseminated/based in different locations/sites (countries).
Namratha Ramanan
Research Consultant
Associated Partner of
Namratha Ramanan is finalizing a PhD in Psychology and Educational Sciences from KU Leuven, Belgium with an expertise in children’s and human rights. Her research has focused on familial separation in the context of live-in child domestic work in India. She is a highly skilled and creative researcher, specializing in designing and conducting qualitative research, conducting research with vulnerable communities, contextual interviewing, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and project management. She has conducted empirical studies with laborers in slavery and slavery-like situations in coffee plantations in India, child laborers in informal labor sectors like domestic work, elderly and child care provision, street vendors among others and desk-research on child labor in the cocoa sector.
Originally from India, Namratha has been involved with community-based, culturally relevant projects to address child and human rights violations, the most recent of which has been as a member of the working group of ‘Youth and Decent Work’ for Beyond Chocolate where her main contributions were to evaluate the effectiveness of human rights due diligence promises in self-declared sustainability protocols of chocolate manufacturing companies and development of indicators to evaluate further impact of programs aimed at reducing child labor in Ivory Coast and Ghana.
She also holds a MSc. in Forensic Odontology from KU Leuven, Belgium. This diverse educational background lends itself to her conducting projects from a pragmatic yet humanitarian approach.
Karim Chetioui
Labour market and employment policy consultant
Associated Partner of
Karim is a dual national, Belgian-Tunisian, who lives between Belgium and Jordan. With 16 years of professional background in the private and public sector, he gained a strategic planning and policy implementation experience in the field of labour and employment policies. He also has significant experience in programme and project management, change management, capacity building, monitoring & evaluation processes, organisational and/or institutional empowerment, HR management, peer review, learning process and building synergies between public and private actors.

He held multiple executive and managerial positions at the Brussels Public Employment Agency (ACTIRIS), including as a member of the executive board, head of the international affairs department and advisor for the European Public Employment Services Network. He also worked in very different of contexts, including developing and post-conflict settings, such as in Morocco and Ivory Coast.

Languages: French, English, Arabic and fair Dutch.
Lenka Tucek
Czech Republic
Senior Consultant
Professional affiliated to
Lenka has 25 years of professional experience. She worked with the Swiss bilateral aid agency, as a senior manager for risk management services of a Big4 in Switzerland and also for UNDP, where she executed general management functions and oversaw the implementation of Global Fund grants. She worked as well for other UN agencies, international consulting firms and international NGOs.
Lenka´s strength are in accountability, budgeting, procurement systems, as well as in conducting organizational and implementation reviews. She has significant experience in public health.
Together with her Master´s in Business Management, Lenka holds a postgraduate degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and is a Certified Internal Auditor.
Lenka has ten years of Sub-Saharan Africa public health experience, several years of experience in the post-Soviet countries, as well as two years in Oceania.
Lenka is fluent in Czech, German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
Cynthia Benoist
Professional affiliated to
Cynthia Benoist est diplômée en ethnologie de l’université d’Aix-Marseille (2004) et obtient en 2007 un master 2 en coopération internationale au sein de l’Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) à Paris. Ses mémoires de recherche ont porté sur l’économie parallèle dans l'Argentine post-crise économique ainsi que sur les violences faites aux femmes et le phénomène de féminicide au Guatemala.

De 2007 à 2008, elle coordonne et développe un fonds associatif, puis part trois ans au Guatemala en tant que coordinatrice d’un projet d’intervention civile de paix et de protection des défenseurs des droits humains. Par la suite, elle occupe un poste de responsable administrative et financière au Burkina Faso avant d’être la coordinatrice projets de RCN Justice et Démocratie en RDC (2014-15) puis cheffe de mission pour Avocats sans Frontières Canada au Guatemala.

Depuis 2017, elle met ses compétences au service de la coopération internationale au travers de missions de consultance. Elle a notamment appuyé techniquement un projet de lutte contre la corruption, financé par DFID en RDC. Dans ce cadre, elle a coordonné l’élaboration d’un guide juridique sur la corruption à l’attention des magistrats congolais, ainsi que différentes actions conjointes à Goma, entre les institutions publiques, les associations d’entrepreneurs et les médias locaux, afin de sensibiliser le grand public sur les questions de corruption.

Début 2019, elle a réalisé pour Avocats sans Frontières une étude socio-anthropologique sur les acteurs de justice en République centrafricaine.
Ses expériences de mise en œuvre de projet dans le secteur de la justice et du droit dans des pays en post-conflit ont forgé les compétences de Cynthia, à la fois généralistes (gestion de projets) et spécifiques (questions de genre, anticorruption, droit foncier et des peuples autochtones, etc.).

Cynthia parle couramment le français, l'anglais, l'espagnol et à un niveau intermédiaire en portugais.
Levius Koyio Matseshe
Professional affiliated to
Dr. Levi Koyio holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration (DBA) specializing in Management, MBA in Strategic Management, Hons. BA in Economics and Business Studies and Certificate in Governance from be the Les Aspin Centre in collaboration with Marquette University, USA.
Dr. Koyio is a Management Consultant of over twenty (20) years both locally and in the region in the areas of organizational development, strategic management and planning, policy formulation and implementation, Project Management, M&E, Performance improvement – managing the value chain across-sectors. Over the years Dr. Koyio has consulted for the Centre for British Teacher Education Trust (CfBT) as a regional consultant developing education sector development plans, appraised national education sector strategic plans for funding by Global Partnership for Education (GPE) for Somalia (Central Somalia, Somalinad, Puntland). Undertaken educations sector scoping study for South Sudan, Kenya Country Strategy for VLIR-UOS – A study that identified focus areas for collaborative research between Belgium (the Flanders) and Kenyan universities (for 12 years since 2015). Besides these, Dr. Koyio has facilitated the development of strategic plans for over 25 local organizations across- sectors and has practiced as a part-time lecturer since 2002. He is a trained facilitator.
Alexis Bouvy
Expert in Peace-Building, Stabilization and African Great Lakes Region
Professional affiliated to
Alexis has 15 years of experience in the field of peace-building and stabilization in the African Great Lakes, and especially the DR Congo. He has specialized both in research and analysis of conflict dynamics, and in the evaluation of peace and stabilization programmes. He has worked as a consultant for various organizations such as MONUSCO, UNDP, Interpeace, International Alert, Oxfam, Danish Refugee Council, Avocats Sans Frontières, on a wide range of issues related to peace and stability such as : armed groups, land, power, identity, local governance, DDR, justice, or agriculture. One of his key area of expertise relates to the methodologies of bottom-up peace-building and Participatory Action Research. On a more personal note, Alexis has also developed photo and video projects in the DRC, focusing on the daily realities of armed conflict for civilians. Alexis has two masters; in Anthropology and in Development Studies.
Antoine Rerolle
Migration Expert
Professional affiliated to
Antoine Rerolle studied International Relations and Geopolitics. As Program Developer and Migration Specialist, he has been preparing, implementing and evaluating Development Programs within International Organisation and Governmental Development Agency for more than 5 years. Sectors of work were in Local Development, Access to Education, Migration and Development and Sustainable cities...

During long term missions, he conducted some qualitative and quantitative studies supporting Monitoring and Evaluation scheme for Enabel in Burundi and IOM in Chad using GIS and Data Collection Tools (kobotoolbox and Akvo).

As technical Expert, Antoine provides specifial supports on the following migration issues: Migration and Development, Migration Management Policy, Labour Migration, Diaspora.
Georges Kuzma
Police and Justice expert
Professional affiliated to
Georges Kuzma possède une vaste expérience dans le secteur de la police, de la justice et de la sécurité. Dans la dernière décennie, il a travaillé au Tchad, en Mauritanie, au Pakistan pour des programmes de la GIZ, en République Démocratique du Congo comme expert technique pour la mission EUPOL puis pour Physicians For Human Rights avec des activités au Kenya et en République Centrafricaine. Il a également effectué des missions pour des organisations internationales et différents gouvernements dans des zones de conflits. Il possède une expérience internationale de dix années dans les enquêtes judiciaires, forensiques et médicolégales de crimes de guerre et crimes contre l'humanité. Il a également formé à ces matières de nombreux magistrats, enquêteurs et experts nationaux.
Auparavant, pendant plus de quinze années, il a travaillé sur des enquêtes de terrorisme et de la grande criminalité avec la direction de la Police Judiciaire et la Sous-Direction de la Police Technique et Scientifique basée à Lyon, en France.
Il possède une formation approfondie en matière d'enquête policière criminelle ainsi qu'en matière de police technique, scientifique avec un focus sur les nouvelles technologies et le traitement du signal. Avant d'être diplômé de l'académie de police, il était chasseur alpin au sein de l'armée française.
Georges Kuzma parle couramment le français et l'anglais.
Wendy Braeken
Expert education, policy and (social) impact
Professional affiliated to
Wendy Braeken studied pedagogical sciences and has many years of experience in poverty reduction and development cooperation. She was active as a projectdesigner, program- and project manager, as a technical advisor and she set up several monitoring and evaluation frameworks for projects and programs.

Till so far she was active in Belgium, RDC Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Palestine and El Salvador, with longer stays in RDC, Ecuador and El Salvador.

The last 13 years she mainly worked in the education sector where she formulated and/or supervised projects in the field of sectoral budget support, the subsectors TVET, teacher training of primary and secondary education and scholarship projects. At the moment she is working on a monitoring and evaluation policy and the necessary instruments and tools for the education provider of the Flemish government GO!.

In the various positions she held, she managed project teams and she acted as an advisor to senior executives and management on a regular basis. She has a coaching attitude and wherever possible, she looks actively for collaborations and partnerships.
Pierre Léon
Education & Child Protection Expert
Professional affiliated to
10 years of professional experience in child protection, education, and child rights-based approach, of which 6 years of field experience in France and overseas (support and care for children and youth in the context of child protection and juvenile justice), and 4 years in advisory and coordination positions at the international level (Madagascar - 2 years-, Philippines, Lebanon, Egypt, Mali, Burkina Faso, India - short term missions or remotely-). I hold 2 state diplomas in the field of social work and a Master's degree in project coordination in humanitarian action.
During my experience in NGOs, I have demonstrated skills in capacity building towards local and institutional partners in the fields of education and child protection: needs assessment, conception and implementation of capacity building plans, training modules, design of educational and pedagogical tools, technical support, and follow-up.
My role in technical quality assurance of project development and implementation has led me to specialize in monitoring and evaluation: designing monitoring, measurement and impact tools, conducting project evaluations, studies, capitalization of lessons learned, and supervising studies and research.
My background and experience have allowed me to lead the design of a child protection policy for an NGO and to ensure its implementation and monitoring across multiple countries.
Languages: Fluent in French and English, intermediate level in Spanish.