Federico Fioretto
Advisor and coach in Leadership, Sustainability, Conflict Transformation
Professional affiliated to
LL.M. MS in Communication, specialized at Harvard University in Sustainability Systems Management. 30+ years of experience as entrepreneur, consultant, trainer on leadership and communication, conflict transformation and strategic sustainability.
Federico created The CASE© Method for Sustainable Leadership, a framework to transform conflicts by effective communication. In 2017 he co-founded the Embedded Sustainability Initiative, an international advisory network with its own proprietary sustainability assessment tool for industrial companies.
In 2014 – 2015 Federico has been one of the only two Europeans chosen by US President Barack Obama’s legacy program YALI to train the new generation of leaders for the future of Africa. In 2017 partner of the Smart Industry Forum, an international initiative to develop new leadership and business models for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Member of 2 intl. scientific societies, he has been advisor of major healthcare institutions and developed tools for communication, relationship an emotional management in healthcare organizations.
Emilie Laffiteau
Professional affiliated to
I’m a doctor (PhD) in economics (international economy and development) and I’m trilingual (French, English and Spanish).
I have been working for more than 15 years for international organizations and French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in macroeconomy and statistics. I have a strong experience in leading operational projects and programs (technical support and capacity building for National Institute of Statistics and Ministry of Economy). Along this, I am involved in academic issues (scientific research and teaching for universities and school of engineers).
I have significant experience in different countries in Africa (Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, Togo, Benin, Mauritania, Ivory Cost) and Latin America (Chile, Argentina).
Joris Elegeert
Consultant - Change Management & Human Resources Management
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Joris Elegeert is an international consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in change management, HR management and capacity development. He holds 2 master degrees of the University of Ghent. Joris has contributed to institutional and organizational change processes and reforms in various countries around the world. His focus has been on the strengthening of public bodies at the national, regional and local level on topics such as strategy development, HR management and organizational development.

Joris has worked in several sectors, including decentralization, natural resources management, agriculture, roads and energy. Through these interventions, public bodies have improved the way they interact with key stakeholders in their sectors and their service delivery to citizens in general.
Alexander Prinsen
Netherlands The
Innovation Consultant for Circular Economy / Zero Waste / Sustainability Business Models
Professional affiliated to
Alexander Prinsen is Managing Partner of The Zero Waste Consultant firm and has over 10 years of consultancy experience in Executive Search and Business Development. Since 2013 his interest for sustainable solutions has led him to travel the world to research promising sustainable solutions on how they can solve our challenges.

Alexander has an unique entrepreneurial perspective how to solve current technological challenges based on Natures ingenuity. He bridges Science and Entrepreneurship to increase competitiveness of organizations by adopting “Total Productivity of Matter”.

He teaches at his self-proclaimed MBA Academy (Masters of Beautiful Achievements). He co-founded the Embedded Sustainability Initiative bringing Sustainable Leadership to Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Alexander is an inspirational Speaker and Writer sharing a story of hope and innovation driven by global entrepreneurs working on solving our current and future challenges using nature as their inspiration.
Joseph Sinabwiteye
Professional affiliated to
Juriste ayant le plus souvent eu à travailler dans une position de cadre dans les institutions publiques (Chef de cabinet au ministère en charge des droits de l'homme, des réformes institutionnelles et des relations avec le Parlement, de 1996 à 2001) (Conseiller juridique au Sénat du BURUNDI de 2002 à 2015). De 2005 à ce jour, je me suis investi dans des activités de Consultant. A ce titre, j'ai réalisé des consultances variées au bénéfice de commanditaires divers, gouvernement du BURUNDI, coopération bilatérale (C.T.B., USAID) et multilatérale (système des NU). Ces consultances correspondent essentiellement à mon profil de spécialiste de droit constitutionnel et de droit administratif, ainsi que du fonctionnement et des réformes des institutions. Dans ce cadre, j'ai beaucoup produit en matière de législation (codification, avants-projets de lois et décrets), et plus spécifiquement concernant le système politique et constitutionnel, la législation électorale, les matières institutionnelles et administratives, la justice, la justice transitionnelle. J'ai aussi travaillé dans le secteur de la formulation, planification, et du suivi-évaluation des projets et institutions. Doté d'un master de gestion d'entreprise, j'ai aussi œuvré au bénéfice d'ONG et du secteur privé.
Chema Triki
Economist / Policy Analyst
Professional affiliated to
I have experience within international organizations as well as in management consulting in financial services. I have notably worked for the OECD and EBRD. Themes I have been working on include SMEs policies, inclusion to the global value chains, investment policies, business integrity, labour policies and youth and gender policies.

I have extensive experience in project management and program monitoring and evaluation, with a quantitative training in impact evaluation.

I am an Engineer in applied mathematics and I hold a Master of Public Administration from Sciences Po Paris and London School of Economics, with Economic Policy as a major.
Nik Stoop
Professional affiliated to
Nik is a development economist based in Belgium. He holds a joint PhD in Economics and in Development Studies from the Universities of Leuven and Antwerp. He is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance at the University of Leuven.

Nik's research focuses on the micro-empirical analysis of development issues in Sub Saharan Africa. He studies a broad range of topics, with a particular interest in natural resources, the political economy of conflict, and internal constraints to development. His work is published in several scientific journals, including Economic Development and Cultural Change; Environment and Development Economics; Food Policy; and Resources Policy.

A lot of his research is based on individual- and household-level survey data he collected himself. Over the past eight years, Nik built up substantial field experience, conducting research activities in Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, South-Africa and Tanzania.

As a consultant, Nik has contributed to a range of assignments. His consultancy experience mostly relates to the evaluation of development programs and change management in the public sector.
Nino Janashia
Consultant on Gender Equality and Human Rights
Professional affiliated to
Nino Janashia is specialized in Human Rights and Gender, democratization and elections, policy analysis and strategic planning. She worked as a consultant with various International Organizations and NGOs. Recently Nino contributed to the elaboration of 2018-2020 Human Rights Action Plan of the Government of Georgia and developed the chapter on Gender Equality. Moreover, she supported the Parliament of Georgia in developing Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) report on draft labour law and trained parliamentary staff in GIA. Furthermore, Nino provided support to the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia in gender analysis of Georgia’s regulatory framework and developed legislative and policy recommendations.
As a National Policy Expert, Nino is supporting the integration process of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Georgian national policy system.
Nino works with various organizations on the issues of violence against women, women’s economic empowerment (labour rights, agriculture, entrepreneurship), political participation, gender equality in education, culture and sports. She also provides support in developing gender strategies and action plans of the programmes. Nino is also an active member of the Task-Force on Women’s Political Participation in Georgia.
Nino holds a Master’s Degree in International and European Law and Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science from the University Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, France, as well as the Diploma in Protection of Human Rights from Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA), Paris, France. Being a native Georgian, Nino also has a native proficiency in French and is fluent in English and Russian languages.
Frank Barbaro
Strategy and Management Consultant
Professional affiliated to
Frank worked for 20 years in both the private (consulting firms, GE, etc.) and non-profit sectors (volunteer in Rwanda for 2 years, Embassy, UNHCR, AFD, etc.), on management / transformation / organisation roles; and in different countries (UAE, UK, Rwanda, France, Australia, Singapore).

Engineering by training (Ecole des Mines), he completed in 2016 a masters programme in ‘International strategy and diplomacy’ at the LSE in London.
Alidou Moussiliou
Organisational Development and Gender Consultant
Professional affiliated to
I'm Agronomist (food science and nutrition), Process Facilitator, Gestalt Organization & Systems Development Practitioner and Gender & Development Consultant. I started as consultant since 2000.
I have worked successively as technical assistant, project coordinator and program officer, respectively at grassroots level, supporting producer and community based organizations in planning and implementing projects and building their capacities, then at intermediate and meso level, strengthening capacity of civil society organizations (district and national levels) and since 2000 as consultant at regional and international levels in Africa,
I have undertaken assignments for several clients’ organizations, international and national NGOs, Consultancy firms, Public organizations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation agencies, etc.
I have a good knowledge of the development sector and cooperation, governance, agriculture and education problematics and issues.
Huma Saeed
Research consultant
Professional affiliated to
With a PhD in Criminology, focusing on economic-state crime and transformative justice, Huma Saeed currently works as a research consultant with a number of research-based organizaions. She has a MSc in Human Rights from the London of School of Economics and Political Science and a BA in Political Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (USA). Originally from Afghanistan, Huma Saeed has worked with human rights and women’s rights organizations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and internationally as well as with the UN Development Programme (UNDP). She has published a number of articles in international academic journals and books reflecting on her research and expereicnes in Afghanistan, including on transitional justice, economic-state crime and women and victims’ empowerment.
Programme management professional
Professional affiliated to
Juan Cabrera Clerget holds a MA in International Political Economy (IPE); with a specialisation in international relations in the Middle East and in the EU Integration process. He has 8 years of experience in project and programme management in both public and non-governmental environments. He has 5 years’ experience in the organization and setting up of international conferences and seminars in various regions of the world (UAE, Mexico, China, Cameroon, …). Having lived more than 8 living in the MENA region (Morocco and Jordan), Juan has a very good knowledge and understanding of the cultural and political environment of the region. He has strong communication skills in addressing various types of audiences (political officials, grassroots organisations leaders from various cultural backgrounds) and a proficiency in different languages.
Tamar Frangishvili
Professional affiliated to
Tamar has 7 year working experience in public sector at local governmental level, including working as Head of Department for International Projects at the Economic Affairs Office of Tbilisi City Hall. Specialized in International Relations, her work is related to International Donor Project Administration, strategic planning and policy analysis.

Her experience comprises projects like: Ensuring Participatory Decision Making Processes and stakeholder empowerment at Regional and National Levels. Her key prior assignments include: NGOs/CSOs support (02/2018-08/2020, EU); Strengthening Civil Participation in Municipal Policy Making Processes in the Regions of Georgia (2016 - 2017, UNDP); Capital Investment Planning & Budgeting Project for Tbilisi City (2011-2014, World Bank); TRACE (Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy) for Tbilisi (2011-2012, World Bank ESMAP Program); Local Economic Development Strategy for Tbilisi (2006-2007, World Bank), etc.
Karl Vanderplaetse
Manager of Adya Bio bvba
Professional affiliated to
I hold a master's degree in law and worked for many years in advisory, consulting, management and lobying roles in the area of local government in Belgium, mainly working for associations of local government stakeholders.
Out of love for organic food, travelling in Asia and diversity of people around the world, I started my own company in 2017 (project started mid 2015).
Importing pure dry or dried food from groups of farmers (India, Vietnam, South-Africa, Chile). Key focus is the promotion of (the importance of) local biodiversity, our support for a clear local social impact and in introducing healthy food items for retail, horeca and catering (ref. At the moment we import organic freeze-dried fruits, spices, salt and tea.
We share with our buyers on the origin & background of our products. We often discuss with governmental organizations on products and evolutions.
Adya's experience is in that way on the crossroad of international collaboration and organic food import.
I enjoy sharing my experiences and providing advise or feedback to challenging initiatives in my areas of interest.
Clive Poultney
South Africa
Expert in rural development and in environmental and project management
Professional affiliated to
Clive is an environmental management and rural development specialist. He holds a B.Sc., a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management, a Higher Post-Diploma in Education and finalises a MPhil Environmental Management. Clive has more than 30 years relevant professional experience in: local wildlife/biodiversity-based economies; community development and alternative rural livelihood models; project development and management at international level; fundraising; business plans; feasibility studies; SMME development and support; TVET and education sector analysis, reform and management; curriculum design; HR Development; etc.
Some of his career highlights are: Deputy Director Staff Development – Mpumalanga Parks Board (1994 – 1996); Training Manager Southern African Wildlife College (1996 – 1999); Project Manager, National Conservation Education and Training Project (1999 – 2002); Conservation and Guiding Chamber Manager, Tourism and Hospitality Sector Education and Training Authority (THETA), now CATHSSETA (2000 – 2002); Operations Manager, Integrated Nature-Based Tourism and Conservation Management project (2002 – 2005); consultant and project management service provider through his own company River End Consultants (2005 – present).
Clive speaks English, Afrikaans, Zulu and siSwati.