Alidou Moussiliou
Organisational Development and Gender Consultant
Professional affiliated to
I'm Agronomist (food science and nutrition), Process Facilitator, Gestalt Organization & Systems Development Practitioner and Gender & Development Consultant. I started as consultant since 2000.
I have worked successively as technical assistant, project coordinator and program officer, respectively at grassroots level, supporting producer and community based organizations in planning and implementing projects and building their capacities, then at intermediate and meso level, strengthening capacity of civil society organizations (district and national levels) and since 2000 as consultant at regional and international levels in Africa,
I have undertaken assignments for several clients’ organizations, international and national NGOs, Consultancy firms, Public organizations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation agencies, etc.
I have a good knowledge of the development sector and cooperation, governance, agriculture and education problematics and issues.
Programme management professional
Professional affiliated to
Juan Cabrera Clerget holds a MA in International Political Economy (IPE); with a specialisation in international relations in the Middle East and in the EU Integration process. He has 8 years of experience in project and programme management in both public and non-governmental environments. He has 5 years’ experience in the organization and setting up of international conferences and seminars in various regions of the world (UAE, Mexico, China, Cameroon, …). Having lived more than 8 living in the MENA region (Morocco and Jordan), Juan has a very good knowledge and understanding of the cultural and political environment of the region. He has strong communication skills in addressing various types of audiences (political officials, grassroots organisations leaders from various cultural backgrounds) and a proficiency in different languages.
Tamar Frangishvili
Professional affiliated to
Tamar has 7 year working experience in public sector at local governmental level, including working as Head of Department for International Projects at the Economic Affairs Office of Tbilisi City Hall. Specialized in International Relations, her work is related to International Donor Project Administration, strategic planning and policy analysis.

Her experience comprises projects like: Ensuring Participatory Decision Making Processes and stakeholder empowerment at Regional and National Levels. Her key prior assignments include: NGOs/CSOs support (02/2018-08/2020, EU); Strengthening Civil Participation in Municipal Policy Making Processes in the Regions of Georgia (2016 - 2017, UNDP); Capital Investment Planning & Budgeting Project for Tbilisi City (2011-2014, World Bank); TRACE (Tool for Rapid Assessment of City Energy) for Tbilisi (2011-2012, World Bank ESMAP Program); Local Economic Development Strategy for Tbilisi (2006-2007, World Bank), etc.
Karl Vanderplaetse
Manager of Adya Bio bvba
Professional affiliated to
I hold a master's degree in law and worked for many years in advisory, consulting, management and lobying roles in the area of local government in Belgium, mainly working for associations of local government stakeholders.
Out of love for organic food, travelling in Asia and diversity of people around the world, I started my own company in 2017 (project started mid 2015).
Importing pure dry or dried food from groups of farmers (India, Vietnam, South-Africa, Chile). Key focus is the promotion of (the importance of) local biodiversity, our support for a clear local social impact and in introducing healthy food items for retail, horeca and catering (ref. At the moment we import organic freeze-dried fruits, spices, salt and tea.
We share with our buyers on the origin & background of our products. We often discuss with governmental organizations on products and evolutions.
Adya's experience is in that way on the crossroad of international collaboration and organic food import.
I enjoy sharing my experiences and providing advise or feedback to challenging initiatives in my areas of interest.
Younnes Ibrahimi
Consultant on diversity, inclusion and communication towards Generation Z
Professional affiliated to
Younnes is a Belgium based consultant on diversity, inclusion and communication towards Generation Z.
He focusses on strategies related to: communication targeting minority groups and Generation Z youngsters, establishing long-term relationships with minority groups/communities, fostering enhanced diversity in recruiting, implement an inclusive workplace with respect for a diversity of thinking.
Currently Younnes is co-founder and general managing partner at Young Entelechy, a Belgian (Antwerp based) start-up offering diversity consultancy as well as workshops and keynotes on diversity and inclusion.
Duncan D'hondt
Professional affiliated to
Duncan has a background in Marketing and Applied Psychology. Both studies helped him build strong organizational and human skills.
Duncan gained further marketing, operational, account management and project management experience at his IT-start-up, focused on delivering HR-applications.
Subsequently Duncan founded two other social organizations using sport as a tool for education and inclusion.
As a young and eager consultant Duncan puts a large emphasize on self-education and development. That's why he started working as a consultant in change facilitation and diversity management, with a strong interest in ethnicity.
Clive Poultney
South Africa
Expert in rural development and in environmental and project management
Professional affiliated to
Clive is an environmental management and rural development specialist. He holds a B.Sc., a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management, a Higher Post-Diploma in Education and finalises a MPhil Environmental Management. Clive has more than 30 years relevant professional experience in: local wildlife/biodiversity-based economies; community development and alternative rural livelihood models; project development and management at international level; fundraising; business plans; feasibility studies; SMME development and support; TVET and education sector analysis, reform and management; curriculum design; HR Development; etc.
Some of his career highlights are: Deputy Director Staff Development – Mpumalanga Parks Board (1994 – 1996); Training Manager Southern African Wildlife College (1996 – 1999); Project Manager, National Conservation Education and Training Project (1999 – 2002); Conservation and Guiding Chamber Manager, Tourism and Hospitality Sector Education and Training Authority (THETA), now CATHSSETA (2000 – 2002); Operations Manager, Integrated Nature-Based Tourism and Conservation Management project (2002 – 2005); consultant and project management service provider through his own company River End Consultants (2005 – present).
Clive speaks English, Afrikaans, Zulu and siSwati.
Reinoud Willemsen
South Africa
Managing Director; Expert Consultant
Professional affiliated to
Reinoud is the Managing Director of Behold South Africa. As the principal CSR consultant he has focused his interests on the field of (Social) Impact Measurement. In particular, the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology has lead him to become a trained specialist who has conducted impact measurements on a variety of different entities.
In 2014 Reinoud went on to establish and be elected as the chairman of Social Value Network South Africa (SVNSA), previously known as SROI Network SA.  SVNSA aims to expand the global use of social impact measurement methodologies in South Africa for both potential clients and practitioners.
Also In 2014, Reinoud started ‘The Experience Factory’ (TEF) to address the pressing and acute social problem of youth unemployment in South Africa.  TEF is a social enterprise, which leverages the experience of professionals against the issue of unemployed graduates in the country.
Reinoud has a Masters’ degree from Rotterdam School of Management and his thesis in Corporate Social Responsibility inspired him to pursue this career path in 2007 when he got the opportunity from a franchising company, called Weleda, to roll out their organic body and skin care products in South Africa. Reinoud has operated within the South African CSR market for the past 8 years, building a vast network and partnering with different entities in the NGO and corporate space.
Reinoud is a true innovator and entrepreneur and believes that businesses have a role to play in the social transformation of the country through social innovation and collective partnerships with communities.
Before moving to South Africa, Reinoud was Head of Operations for the leading brand activation agency in The Netherlands, responsible for the flawless execution of promotional campaigns for clients. During his studies, he was the assistant to his predecessor, and assumed the role upon his graduation.
Baptiste Gerbier
Professional affiliated to
Baptiste Gerbier studied Economics in France (CERDI) and in Canada (McGill University). He has been working for 12 years on economic issues in developing countries, especially at macro level (support to Ministries of Economy and Finance and Ministries of Energy). He has a strong experience in :
- public finance management, especially the budget cycle: Programming (needs & targets), Planning (actions), Budgeting (Initial Finance Laws, Medium Term Expenditures Framework.), Monitoring (expenditures execution, Final Finance Laws) and Evaluation (results-oriented indicators, recommendations).
- designing, monitoring and evaluating sector and national development strategies.
- support to statistical system (survey implementation, data review, institutional reforms...).
- donors coordination (thematic groups, political dialogue, budgetary aid...)
- capacity building for institutions (institutional support, development of procedures and procedures manuals) and individuals (teaching, organizing trainings...).

He also works at micro level, through support to social entrepreneurs (creation of sustainable cybercafés, promotion of sustainable construction techniques...).

Since 2014, he mostly works on energy issues, with a focus on energy efficiency (especially in the building sector) and access to energy (especially in rural areas).
Baptiste worked for various donors (EU, UNDP, FAO, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs...) and NGOs (Handicap International and Association la Voûte Nubienne). He worked in Mali (7 years) and in Burundi (2 years) as well as in various other countries for short term assignements (Chile, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo and Vietnam). He is trilingual (French, English and Spanish).
Valentina Volpe
Associate Professor of Public International Law - Co-Director LL.M. « Human Rights, Security, and Development », FLD - Lille Catholic University / Senior Research Affiliate, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg
Professional affiliated to
Valentina Volpe (Italy) is an associate professor of public international law and the co-director of the LL.M in Human Rights, Security, and Development at the Law School of Lille Catholic University (France). She is also a senior research affiliate and a former senior research fellow (post-doc) at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) in Heidelberg (Germany).
Valentina has studied law in Italy, France, and the US. She is a former visiting researcher at Yale Law School and holds a Ph.D. summa cum laude in Law and Legal Theory from the Italian Institute of Human Sciences (SUM) of Naples (currently the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa).
Her research interests cover the fields of comparative and international public law, encompassing disciplines such as global governance, comparative constitutional law, non-state actors, democracy promotion, human rights, and global law.
She is an adjunct faculty at LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, and at the University of Los Andes, Bogota'. She has also served as a visiting professor at the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing, the UN-mandate University for Peace (UPEACE) in San José (Costa Rica), Lille Catholic University (Paris campus) and the University of Mannheim (Germany).
She is a member of the Law and Society Association (LSA), the International Society of Public Law (ICON-S), the Istituto di Ricerche sulla Pubblica Amministrazione (IRPA) in Rome, and the Centre de Recherche sur les Relations entre le Risque et le Droit (C3RD) in Lille.
Prior to her pursuit in academia, Valentina has had the opportunity to work as a project manager for a grassroots NGO active in the areas of international cooperation and human rights protection.
Fanny Bervoets
United Arab Emirates
Consultant & Trainer - Administrative and Financial Management of Development Program / Internal Control / Risk Mitigation
Professional affiliated to
Fanny Bervoets has 19 years of relevant work experience in several countries such as Belgium, Angola, Tanzania, DR Congo, Mozambique, South Africa, Uganda and the UAE.

She is a Law Graduate and started her career as a lawyer. Since then, she has worked in the private and the public sector at formulating, implementing and managing development projects in normal and emergency contexts.

Her main tasks cover: the internal control systems, the financial and administrative management of projects and programs, including budget monitoring, financial planning, procurement, the setup of adequate organization for centralized and decentralized projects, taking into consideration their specific fiduciary and operational risks, the elaboration of adapted management tools, the coaching and the development of staff competencies through trainings and workshops, the assistance in Audit preparation and follow up, the administrative and financial assessments of projects and the policy formulation.

With that experience, she has the skills to assess the set-up of any development project and propose solution to improve its management system to better achieve its objectives. She can intervene in the formulation, the execution or the evaluation phase of the project to help define or redefine the implementation strategy.   

Recently, she also became a trainer for Humentum, an oganization providing a comprehensive range of services and resources to build confidence, competence and capacity for NGOs.
Patrick Ndikumana
Expert juriste
Professional affiliated to
Juriste de formation, magistrat burundais avec plus de dix ans d’expérience professionnelle dans le domaine judiciaire, la bonne gouvernance et l’Etat de Droit.
Outre mes fonctions de magistrat au sein des juridictions burundaises, j’ai eu a travaillé dans diverses organisations inter-gouvernementale, non-gouvernementale et le système des Nations Unies (IDLO, RCN Justice& Démocratie, PNUD) pour des programmes et projets axés sur le renforcement de l’Etat de Droit, la chaine pénale et l’appui institutionnel au secteur de la justice dans différents pays d’Afrique (Burundi, Madagascar, Mali).
Toujours dans le même cadre, j’ai eu a effectuer diverses consultances pour des organisations internationales (CTB, Avocats sans frontières Belgique, IDLO) œuvrant dans le secteur de la justice.
J’ai aussi travaillé dans le cadre de l’appui aux processus électoraux dans le cadre d’une mission d’observation et au sein du système des Nations Unies.
Renzo S. Duin
Netherlands The
Interdisciplinary Expert in Tropical Forest Cultures and Landscapes
Professional affiliated to
Renzo Duin, Dr. (PhD), has been trained at the four-field Anthropology Department of the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, and has held teaching and research positions at the University of Florida (USA), Leiden University (the Netherlands), the University of Oxford (UK), and University College London (UCL). His research in the deep-history of Amazonian landscapes in Guiana (Venezuela east of the Orinoco, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and Brazil east of the Rio Negro and north of the Amazon) has been funded in part by Fellowships and Grants from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) and the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Duin’s multi-disciplinary (anthropology, ethnography, history, archaeology), multi-scalar (local, regional, global), multi-focal (backdrop, foregrounding), and multi-vocal (humanities, natural sciences, and indigenous knowledge), approach is developing into two interconnected axis of research; one focused on the (dis)continuities and transformation of Guiana identities, and the second focused on the entwinement of Amazonian indigenous peoples and places of rich biodiversity.
In combination with his research work, Renzo was regularly involved in: conceiving, setting up and managing projects; obtaining funding and/or supporting the capacity building of stakeholder organisations. He conducted several consultancies and provided professional services in such areas.
Abdellatif BOUAZZA
Professor of Economics, social development and social policies
Professional affiliated to
Abdellatif BOUAZZA, est Docteur en sciences économiques et de gestion de l’Université Mohammed V de Rabat où il exerce actuellement comme Professeur d’Economie, de Politiques sociales et du Développement Social. Il a suivi d’autres formations de très haut niveau dans de prestigieuses universités comme M.I.T. ( Boston U.S.A.) et London School of Economics and Political Science.
Pr. Bouazza a occupé entre 2006 et 2016 des postes de haut fonctionnaire de l’Etat marocain respectivement comme Directeur du développement social (2006-2014) et Directeur de l’Agence de Développement Social (ADS).
Ses domaines d’attention comprennent : la réduction de la pauvreté et de l’exclusion sociale ; la conception, la mise en œuvre et le suivi-évaluation des politiques publiques et des stratégies relatives à l’inclusion socio-économique (notamment des jeunes et des femmes) ; l’égalité du genre ; la facilitation de l’entrepreneuriat des jeunes et des femmes ; réformes économiques et sociales au Maroc ; le développement socio-économique territorial ; l’économie sociale et solidaire. Il est aussi membre fondateur du Réseau marocain de l’économie sociale et solidaire et de l’association Ensemble pour Entreprendre.
Selim Mawad
Independent Consultant on Dealing with the Past and Peace Building
Professional affiliated to
Selim Mawad is an international independent consultant with twenty years of experience in conflict-torn and post conflict countries, both in the Great Lakes and the MENA regions, and which allowed him to accumulate an extensive knowledge in conceptualizing, implementing and evaluating initiatives and programs pertaining to human rights and violence, peace building and conflict resolution and transformation. During his last job (2011-2015), as Head of Mission for Impunity Watch in the MENA and the Great Lakes Region (Burundi – Rwanda – and the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and later as an independent consultant, he has contributed to the development of research instruments and methodologies, review of research reports and analysis, drafting and submission of advocacy strategies for policy change and evaluating initiatives and programs related to his field of expertise. Over the last fiteen years, he worked on various issues such as Justice and Gender, Conflict Transformation in the Great Lakes Region (Burundi – Rwanda – and the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Victims’s Needs and Expectations, Politicization of Memorialisation Processes, Transitional Justice and Geopolitics in Syria, and International Crimes and Memory in Europe. Moreover, and while working in Burundi, he accompanied the process of drafting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) law by conducting extensive research and organizing and facilitating consultation meetings with national civil society and international actors.